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Model WP 3040 Water Phantom

The model WP-3040 is a water phantom with a convenient manual ion chamber depth positioning assembly. The depth positioning assembly is unique in construction and operation. The ion chamber holder consists of Teflon® block slides on two stainless steel rods and is driven by a brass lead screw. One turn of the crank quickly and accurately moves the chamber holder block 1 mm.

A mechanical counter with push-button reset capability indicates depth to the nearest 0.1 mm. The horizontal off-center positioning is achieved by sliding the depth positioning assembly along the edge of the water tank to the desired position, as

indicated on the horizontal scale mounted on the side of the tank.

With the model RMD-100-5 Remote Motor Drive, it is now possible to upgrade the manual crank mechanism of the WP-3040 depth positioning assembly to allow ion chamber positioning from outside the treatment room, adding convenience and significant time savings to your monthly routine.


ARM 1-D Calibration Phantom, Model 1000

  • Complies with the requirements of TG51
  • Simplicity - only one digital pendant and small power supply controls pre-programmed motions inside or outside of the room
  • A single serial cable links the actuator with either the pendant or a PC
  • Programmable remote with stepping function from 1/10 mm to over 200 mm.
  • Reinforced acrylic and stainless steel construction for years of reliable trouble free use.
  • Direct coupling of the motor to a high precision lead screw
  • Total system weight including positioning assembly is only 15 pounds

A12 Farmer Type Chamber, 0.65 cc

  • Improved geometry with better uniform field characteristics
  • Characterized for TC51 and TRS398 applications
  • Rugged and reliable - survives the One Meter Drop Test1

Model 1Mininature Shonka Ion Chamber, 0.056 cc
Model 2 Spokas Thimble Chamber, 0.5 cc

  • Axially symmetric design, homogeneous construction and complete guarding for uniform field lines
  • Small volumes allow for excellent spatial resolution and exact characterization of a small area of the beam in depth-dose measurements
  • May also be used in high energy photon and electron beam calibration
  • Characterized for TRS398

Model 11 Parallel Plate Ion Chamber, 0.62 cc

  • Meets TC51 and TRS398 requirements for a parallel plate chamber for energies below 6 MeV
  • Exceptionally wide 4.14 mm guard rings
  • No perturbation of field lines ensures precision of depth dose measurements
  • Larger volume is ideally suited for routine electron field measurements in a water phantom
  • Characterized for TC51 and TRS398 applications

Model A10 Markus™ Type Parallel Plate Chamber, 0.05 cc

  • Small volume provides excellent spatial resolution
  • Ideally suited for small electron fields in a water phantom
  • Capable of measuring the zero depth in the build up region of an electron field
  • Requires a waterproof cap.