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Galaxy Patient Topography Laser System

High Alignment Accuracy
Modern high precision Radiation Therapy is focussed on high dose delivery to the tumor and protection of normal tissue.

Technological efforts have been made to develop the Irradiation Equipment to perfection.

However, Patient Positioning is a weak link in the chain of the radiotherapy process (Imaging-Tumor Localization – Dose Planning – Patient Positioning – Treatment – Verification).

There is a fundamental need to eliminate uncertainties in the set up of the Patient and to monitor the Position during the treatment.

GALAXY has been developed to improve and monitor Patients’ Position on the couch. The Laser system uses the Patient Topography (skin surface) in relation to the Isocenter and the tumor for higher Alignment Accuracy and Repeatability.


Adaptive Alignment®
GALAXY can help to detect and correct interfractional and intrafractional changes. Positioning can be adapted according to any discrepancies. On sites with remote controlled couches, these corrections can be carried out automatically*.


A high speed precision Laser Scanner and Camera are mounted on the ceiling in front of the Linac, Simulator, CT or MR. This hardware is controlled through a Windows based 3-D-Imaging Software. This Software covers a wide range of RT applications, including Positioning, Alignment, Motion Monitoring and Gating.


Patient Identification
Enter the Patient data manually or by DICOM import
from RT plan.

Topography Reference
Scan the Reference Image prior to the first session on the Linac, or import the Skin contour from a CT image, or a GALAXY system mounted on another Modality.

Treatment Set Up

Scan the Patient. The unique algorithm compares the current treatment position with the Reference Image, automatically calculates the required Couch Adjustments and instantly provides the Couch Shift Vectors in 6 axes.

Quality Assurance

Protocols are created and stored automatically.

Features And Benefits

  • No additional set up time
  • No markers
  • Non-invasive
  • No extra irradiation
  • High Precision Alignment
  • State-of-the-Art Laser Scanning Technology
  • User friendly intuitive software
  • Network shared database
  • Interfaces to all major Linac manufacturers
  • Interface to all major R&V systems
  • DICOM compatible

The GALAXY Laser system has been developed in close cooperation with Professor Anders Brahme (The Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden).

Technical Specifications

Scan volume X = 670 - 800, Y = 950 x 1300, Z = 490 x 600 mm
Scan speed 1 - 5 sec
Measurement reproducibility 0.1 mm
Patient positioning accuracy < 1 mm
Measurement Resolution 0.2 mm in Y and Z-Direction
0.5 mm in X-Direction
Remote Control IR
Laser class 2M
On-board function processing Microprocessor
Power supply 110 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Computer interface RS 232 / LVDS
Dimensions (LxWxD) 850 x 190 x 130 mm
Weight 11 kg