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MAX 4000 Electrometer

The MAX 4000 Electrometer is a superior instrument for accurate measurement of an extremely wide range of radiation therapy applications. It is versatile enough to be used for low dose, high dose and intravascular brachytherapy, as well as external beam and diagnostic x-ray applications.

  • Excellent Sensitivity
    0.001 pA to 195.00 nA range 0.01 pC to 999,999 nC range.
  • Digital Filter
    A digital filter built into the MAX 4000 virtually eliminates the effect of noise. This results in a very stable and exact measurement.
  • Comprehensive Display
    The amp, coulomb and collection time can be displayed simultaneously, minimizing the need to switch screens.

External Beam/IMRT

The Max 4000 provides immediate measurements of even the smallest volume ion chambers such as those used in IMRT or stereotactic radiosurgery. For example, the MAX 4000 can capture and display the signal from a 0.009 cc ion chamber, giving a typical reading of 8.001 pA.


Exceptional sensitivity and a wide range makes the MAX 4000 the electrometer of choice for all brachytherapy measurements. It provides immediate measurements of even the lowest activity isotopes. For example, a 0.27 mCi iodine seed, measured in the HDR 1000 Plus Well Chamber, gives a typical signal of 1.458 pA. It can also measure 10 Ci and higher iridium sources.

The MAX 4000 works exceptionally well with ion chambers typically used for data acquisition in water phantoms and with chambers used for quality assurance tests.

The versatile MAX 4000 is ideally suited for mammographic, conventional radiology and CT scanning applications.

  • The user interface is intuitive, simple and straightforward so you can do your work quickly.
  • A few buttons control all operations.
  • User activated automatic zeroing: press a button and you are ready to measure!
  • Large, easy to read LCD display: visible from a distance and in low light.
  • Designed to exceed AAPM, ADCL and reference grade instrument stated specifications.
Four Modes : Rate, Charge, Timing, and Combined Rate and Charge Zero Drift : <1fA@STP
Rate : Low Range: 0,001 pA - 950.00 pA, 1 fA resolution Display : LCD, 2x20 with 3/1 6" characters
  High Range: 0.001 nA - 195.00 nA, 1 pA resolution Input : BNC two lug, triaxial connector
Charge :

Low Range: 0,01 pC - 999,999 nC, 10 fC resolution

High Range: 0.01 nC - 999,999 nC, 10 pC resolution

Bias Voltage :

Five User
Settings :

Nominal 300 volt bias

-300, -150,0, 150, 300 (VDC)

C : 93/42/EEC Zeroing : Automatic zero function, user activated
Timing : Selectable time periods for charge collection
Range: 0 - 600 seconds
Increments: 15 seconds
Resolution: 1 second
Other mode: "free running"

Accuracy :

Power :

0,3 volt

UL listed wail-mounted power suppty, 110 or 220 VAC input, 9 VDC@300 mA output, internal battery: 10 hrs/charge

Combined : Accumulated charge and the current readings are displayed simultaneously. Output :
Isolated RS-232, bi-directional 19,200 baud rate, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, compatible with Argus QC4 software
Range Switching : User selectable : High or Low Linearity: 0.06 % typical for all rate and charge settings
Repeatability : Short term, 0.1% 1 count
Long term, 0,2%
(maximum change over two years)
Signal settling time (typ)
Low Range - 1 2 seconds
High Range - 3 seconds

Dimensions :


Height: 2.75 inches, 7cm
Length: 9 inches, 23cm
Width: 8.24 inches, 22,2cm
Weight: 3,0 Ibs, 1,4kg