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DORADO Laser Systems For Simulation CT, PET-CT, MRI, SPECT

Multimodality Simulation
Multimodality Simulation is the most accurate process available to localize, define, and reconstruct a patient´s tumor in 3 dimensions. Three dimensional radiation therapy (3DRT) as the most up to date treatment method in Radiation Oncology requires, that optimal target localization is achieved, especially in Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT).

Vital to the process of virtual simulation is the imaging device with a flat table top and the RT Planning software with virtual simulation option, interfaced to the precision marking system with moving lasers.

A modern CT scanner can delineate target volumes and organs at risk with high precision. The capabilities of the scanner are enhanced, when a Dorado laser marking system is part of the scanner configuration.This laser system projects and marks the correct treatment set-up directly on the patient´s

skin, eliminating the need of a conventional simulator. The treatment plans are automatically transferred via computer network to the Dorado system, to be projeted on the patient´s skin. Precision marking enables the Radiation Therapist to reproduce the treatment set-up each day with a high degree of accuracy.

Accuracy And Dependability

A Failsafe System
The built-in control circuit and linear encoder checks for possible stepper motor misses which, without independent verification, could go undertected. The control system compares the computed isocenter location with the laser position on the rail.

The lasers will only switch on after the control systems has verified that the lasers have reached the prescribed rail positions. These automatic control procedures assure that the isocenter location is accurately marked at all times.

High Manufacturing Standards
In-house design to the highest quality control ensure that the Dorado systems meet the stringent standards of ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2000 and CE mark.

The Dorado 1 consists of a single overhead moving line laser to project the sagittal plane and two fixed lasers to project coronal and axial planes.
The Dorado 3 consists of a single overhead moving line laser to project the sagittal plane, two moving lateral lasers to project the coronal plane, and fixed lasers to project the axial plane.
For MR simulation the system consists of two moving lasers to project the coronal plane and a fixed overhead crosshair laser to project sagittal and axial planes.
The Dorado 4 consists of a single overhead moving line laser to project the sagittal plane, two moving lateral lasers to project the coronal plane, and two moving lasers to project the axial plane. This system eliminates the need for manual couch movements.
Customized Configurations    
The Dorado can be configured with wall or floor mounted lateral crosshair lasers or as a freestanding structure, to meet specific room requirements.

All systems can be supplied with either red or green lasers.
Terminal/keypad. Select between CT zero and user definable patient position zero. Keypad can move lasers without a PC. Remote control for fast patient marking.
The Isomark software allows for table deflection, lateral deviation and zero shift correction.

Automated Procedure

The LAP Isomark system makes patient marking simple and fail-safe for the therapist. Operations are under computer control when interfaced with a RTP or virtual simulation computer :
  • Paperless transfer of laser coordinates
  • Programmed laser movements
  • Visual and printed records
  • Automatic repeat laser positioning

The automatic marking procedures reduce operator training and virtually eliminate time consuming and potential error prone manual processes.

Auto Calibration
No time consuming calibration. LAP´s unique, absolute encoding system eliminates the need for any calibration.

LAP Dorado systems interface to all major Treatmant Planning Systems

Lap Site Planning Support
LAP Service and Planning Support Engineers work with your facility management to ensure a smooth and efficient installation and commissioning of your system.

Laser Moving System

Moving distance 600 mm
Moving speed > 100 mm per sec.
Selectable speeds 0.2-100 mm per sec.
Positioning accuracy + 0.25 mm
Projection accuracy < 0.5 mm at 13 ft
Line length at 3m/10ft 6m/20ft (red), 2,7m/9ft (green)
Feedback control absolute linear encoder
Calibration auto calibrating
On-board function processing microprocessor
Power supply 110-230 VAC
Computer interface RS 485
Computer/laser distance unlimited
Isomark software PC with Windows NT/2000/XP
Simulation data downloadd 1-3 networks sequently
Dimensions 173 x 148 x 1084 mm

Terminal (Keypad)

LCD Display 2 alphanumeric lines
Numeric keys 10
Function keys 9
One key switching CT zero, patient zero
Computer control full function processing
Manual control full function processing
Readout 0.1 mm
Laser on/off 1 key
Laser speed control 10 levels

Laser Module

Laser type (red) Laser diode
Wave length 635 nm
Laser type (green) DPSS
Wave length 532 nm
Output power < 1mW
Laser class class II
Line width (focusable) < 1 mm
Drift not measureable