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TRUMPET eIMRT™ Pre Planning Software

Without Compromise
Don't compromise when treating with electrons. The Trumper eIMRT inverse planning tool allows the combination of energies for intensity modulation of electron beams with excellent results.

What Does TRUMPET elMRT Software Do?
Goal: Treat the prescribed treatment volume (PTV) as uniformly as possible.

Problem: Current standard beam selection forces you to deliver a less-than-ideal dose.

Solution: Treat the PTV using a combination of available beam energies. Trumpet elMRT can create a customized electron dose distribution with the desired dose homoge­neity and practical range for each patient.

How TRUMPET eIMRT Software Works?
Trumpet elMRT Pre-Planning Software utilizes two beams and bolus to shape

the curve to meet your specifications.
  • Shape the beam for a more homogeneous dose throughout the prescription area. The dose is delivered to the depth of peak dose (dmax) throughout the complete prescription volume.
  • Specify the desired range to spare sensitive tissues beyond the prescription volume.
  • Reduce skin dose by minimizing the increase in dose over the selected depth of tissue.


Don't compromise when treating with electrons

  • Simultaneously change the surface dose and the depth of penetration for any plan
  • Deliver dmax throughout the complete prescription volume
  • Achieve greater control over skin dose
  • Reduce dose to sensitive tissues beyond the treatment volume
  • Applicable to all treatment planning systems
  Easy to use, cost-effective treatment technique
  • No new equipment to buy. Trumpet elMRT Pre-Planning Software combines the electron beams already present on your accelerator.
  • No new calculations needed. Trumpet elMRT Pre-Planning Software utilizes the percent depth dose (PDD) values calculated when your accelerator was last commissioned.
  • No new accessories. Use commonly available bolus.
Reduced fibrosis with conformal treatment
  • Trumpet elMRT Pre-Planning Software can reduce fibrosis and increase conformality.
  • Trumpet elMRT Case Studies are available from Standard Imaging upon request.

Benefit of Multiple Beams

Problem ... One Beam
  • Treatment with electrons is generally done by choosing one of the available five or six beam energies and utilizing bolus to "shift" the dose distribution. This allows you to change the surface dose OR the depth of penetration, but not both. You have to compromise one of the two most important treatment parameters.

Solution ... Two Beams

  • Utilizing two beams along with the correct amount of bolus and respective MU amounts can simultaneously change the surface dose AND the depth of penetration. Trumpet elMRT Pre-Planning Software provides multiple two beam solutions based on the user supplied treatment parameters. These solutions include the bolus and MU for each beam which are easily entered into the treatment planning system.
Trumpet eIMRT Pre-Planning Software Sample Screen
Trumpet eIMRT Pre-Planning Software gives the dose amounts for each beam and the required bolus to achieve the desired prescription.

Easily enter the parameters from the desired prescription into the treatment planning system.
Problem: The standard beam has an under treated area to the left of target. When beam is shifted using bolus, the under treated area merely moves to the right

Operating System:

Microsoft® Windows® 2000, Microsoft® Windows® XP

Processor: Intel® or AMD®, 500 MHz or greater


256 MB (512 MB recommended)

Hard Drive :

50 MB or greater

Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher recommended
CD-ROM Drive: 2X speed or greater
Other Requirement: Spreadsheet editing software