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RAy™ Film Dosimetry Software

The Radiation Analyzer - RAy™ Film Dosimetry Software provides everything necessary for completing detailes IMRT QA and other frequent QA tasks.

For thousands less, RAy includes features not found in other leading film dosimetry software.

Get more from your dosimetry software...
RAy provides the same functionality for analysis of dose deposition patterns on film plus these valuable features :


  • User friendly, intuitive graphical interface
  • Uniquely robust architecture
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Interactive calibration
  • Integrated DICOM browser
  • Multi-scanner support
  • Multi-water-scanner support
  • Export and data exchange utilities
  • Film-less CR devices integration with BMP, JPG, TIFF import
  • File management and information exchange utilities
  • Developed with Visual C++ .NET

QA/QC Tests

  • Comprehensive IMRT validation
  • Two-dimensional dose mapping
  • Complete quantitative analyses
  • Qualitative and quantitative analyses overlay
  • Thorough MLC calibration report
  • One-dimensional profiles and gradients
  • Immediate accurate flatness and symmetry assessment
  • Dynamic wedge commissioning
  • Small field dosimetry
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery collimator commissioning
  • Star shot analysis
  • Light and radiation field congruence
  • Qualitative/quantitative comparisons with stored water scans
Data Acquisition

RAy simplifies the data acquisition process with the integrated DICOM browser and the support of TWAIN compliant film digitizers. It supports scanning depths and dose mapping for both 8 and 16 bit grayscale.

Supported Scanners

  • VIDAR® VXR-12
  • VIDAR® VXR-16
  • VIDAR® Dosimetry-Pro
  • MicroTek® ScanMaker® 8700
  • Epson® Expression 1680
  • Epson® Scan 2.65A
  • Other scanners can be supported

Supported Treatment Planning Systems

  • Varian® Eclipse
  • CMS XiO®
  • Nucletron ®TMS, Theraplan® and Oncentra®
  • Philips® Pinnacle®
  • Corvus®
  • BrainLab
  • Accuray® CyberKnife
  • DICOM-RT support is available for all other models

Available Functions

1-D Line Analyses

  • Profile and gradient - Plan/Film, Film alone
  • Symmetry and flatness - Film alone
  • Energy check (PDD) - Film alone
  • MLC Calibration Report - Film alone
  • ASCII export of 1-D analysis data

2-D Dose Mapping

  • Isodose lines - Plan/film, film alone
  • Dose wash - Plan/film, film alone
  • Threshold dose - Plan/film, film alone
  • Percent dose difference (%DD) - Plan/film
  • Distance to agreement - Plan/film
  • DTA + %DD - Plan/film
  • Gamma analysis - Plan/film
  • Qualitative and quantitative analyses overlay - Plan/film
  • Multi-slice 2-D analyses for 3D assessment - Plan/film, film alone
  • BMP and JPG export of analysis picture


  • Multi slice representation of all 2-D analyses

Small Field Dosimetry

  • SRS Collimator Profile - Film alone
  • SRS Collimator Output Factors - Film alone
  • Small Electron Profile - Film alone
  • Small Electron Cutout Factors - Film alone

Other Applications and Tests

  • Light field versus radiation field coincidence
  • Star shot for radiation isocenter identification
  • Abutting fields and gap junction verification
  • TBI exit dose verification
  • Comparison to stored water scans for general QA/QC. Supports major water scanners.
Compare film to store 3D scan data for a quick check of machine output

Operating System:

Microsoft® Windows® 2000 SP4, Microsoft® Windows® XP


512 MB or greater


Available SCSI port for film scanner connection