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Virtual Water

Virtual Water is a true water-equivalent material. It is free of contaminants and air. Slabs from this unique material are exceptionally strong and will not stick together when stacked or stored. Virtual Water is not affected by changes in humidity or temperature and does not exhibit charge storage effects, a problem common in other water-equivalent materials.

Virtual Water is an ideal alternative to traditional water tanks providing you with the same ability to perform routine checks of your linear accelerator whether you are using photon or electron beams.


Thickness Tolerance:
+/-0.15 mm

Length and Width Tolerance:
+/- 0.5 mm

Physical Form:
square slabs (standard)

Sizes Available:
20 cm, 30 cm, 40 cm (standard)

Thicknesses Available:
0.2 cm, 0.3 cm, 0.5 cm, 1.0 cm, 2.0 cm,
3.0 cm, 4.0 cm, 5.0 cm, 6.0 cm (standard)

0.2 mm

Batch Consistency:
+/- 0.02% (measured)

Cavities are available in slabs at least 2 cm thick to accommodate most farmer-type or parallel plate ionization chambers. Optional scribe lines are available for laser alignment. (opacity simulated)