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Virtual Water IMRT Dose Verification Phantom

Gain confidence in the accuracy of treatment plans and help improve patient outcome by 3D evaluation of :

  • High and low dose gradient areas
  • Dose distributions to sensitive regions
  • Inhomogeneity structures
  • True water-equivalent material within 0.5 %.
  • Simultaneous acquisition of absolute, relative and point dose measurements.
  • Intuitive, easy set-up and visualization for fast confirmation of TPS.
  • Easy measurement at multiple points and planes, with layered phantom slabs for 3D patient simulation.
  • For both IMRT commissioning and routine dose verification, for comprehensive evaluation of the entire
REF 91235 Virtual Water IMRT Dose Verification Phantom, includes
2 Chamber Phantom Slabs with 6 cavities each for ion chamber placement
2 Virtual Water Phantom Slabs for build up thickness
2 Lung Phantom Slabs with cavities for simulated lung inserts
16 Solid Virtual Water Plugs to fill unused ion chamber cavities
1 Solid Virtual Water Plug with cavity drilled for ion chamber of your choice
1 Bone Equivalent Plug
1 Lung Equivalent Set with four (4) inserts for lung phantom voids

Phantom Overview :
Chamber Phantom Slab has six cavities for thimble ion chamber measurement The diameter of each cavity is 3/4". Solid Virtual Water plugs are included to fill the cavities for simulated patient thickness. One solid Virtual Water plug is drilled for the ion chamber of choice. A bone equivalent plug is included for bone simulation of heterogeneity measurements.

Virtual Water Phantom Slab is a solid slab to provide simulated patient build-up material. Four 2 mm steel balls are imbedded in the slab as reference markers for 3D orientation of film on TPS.

Lung Phantom Slab has two cavities for simulated lung inserts, two cylindrical cavities for thimble ion chamber placement and a set of two cedar lung inserts for lung simulation.

Additional Options
MOSFET Diode/TLD Slab, REF 72183, has nine channels for MOSFET diodes or TLD chips which can be placed at any point in a field for point dose measurements. The small channel size was designed not to perturb other measurements so this slab can also be used as a solid slab for increased patient thickness. MOSFET diodes are isotropic for dose measurements from any angle.

Virtual Water Phantom Slab, REF 50086, is a solid slab to provide simulated patient build-up material. Four 2 mm steel balls are provided for use as reference markers for 3D orientation of film on TPS.

Carrying Case, REF 50064, has extendable handles and wheels for transport from room to room. Case also protects phantom during shipping.